"Truth for Tonya"
"Falsely Accused of Child Molestation . . . One Woman's Story"
"The Nightmare Continues . . ."

Mission Statement: To publish the truth . . . that Tonya Craft is

INNOCENT! My commitment to integrity united with my conviction for

truthfulness has guided my passion concerning a seemingly "taboo"

subject matter. Prior to June 11, 2008 uncertainty would permeate my

mind when a mug shot would flash across my television screen. "How

could they" would supersede any "presumption of innocence". However, circumstances surrounding a dear friend of mine have transformed my comprehension of "worldly reality". My commitment for Tonya is a product of my unquestionable assuredness in her innocence.  One petition that has remained unwavering among her multitude of supporters can be articulated in one simple word . . . "TRUTH!"